To sum it up, PowerMyLearning Connect Math is the go-to place for over two thousand all-star activities in every K-12 math topic area. Awesome activities plus a little curiosity are a big part of the formula for math success! We even tagged all of the math activities on PowerMyLearning Connect by domain, cluster, and individual Common Core State Standard to help keep everyone on track.

new2What’s New

Science Content: The Next Generation

Educators looking for engaging content aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) can now search by standard to find digital learning activities, checkpoints, and playlists. We have added and tagged over 750 science learning activities to NGSS and are rolling out NGSS-Certified Playlists for grades 3 – 8 throughout the month! Learn more.

New Standards-Aligned Checkpoint Library Allows Teachers to Gauge Student Progress in Middle School Math

Educators seeking high-quality assessment questions for their middle school math playlists can now search our library for prebuilt checkpoints. PowerMyLearning Connect now offers hundreds of prebuilt, auto-graded checkpoint assessments covering all CCSS middle school math standards. Stay tuned for additional open response and multiple choice questions aligned to NGSS in grades 3 – 8 coming soon. Learn more.

Featured Math Activites

How Many Bubbles Under the Shell?

Use addition or subtraction to find out how many bubbles Okta is hiding under his shell.

The Legend of Dick and Dom: Decimals

Dick and Dom need your knowledge of decimals to help them collect materials for an epic journey.

Similar Figures and Proportions

Math Village
Explore similar figures with a variety of examples and tools.

Graphing Quadratic Equations

The Concord Consortium
Graph a quadratic equation using the coordinates of the vertex of a parabola and its x-intercepts.

Featured Certified Math Playlists

PowerMyLearning Connect playlists let educators select and sequence fun math activities, and then assign them to students based on individual needs. Customize your own playlist or choose a Certified Playlist created by our team of experienced K-12 educators. All Certified Math Playlists are tagged to the Common Core and designed to help students meet these more rigorous learning standards.