PowerMyLearning Connect Science makes it easy to experiment with tons of online activities in topics like Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Health, Physics, Environmental Science, and Meteorology. Kids can investigate the world of science and develop their STEM skills in our dynamic learning laboratory.

new2What’s New

We’ve made some exciting changes to PowerMyLearning Connect. We’re thrilled to finally bring these your way!

  • New Open-Response Formative Assessments – Drive deeper learning by using our new Playlist Tasks and Checkpoints to add open-response questions to playlists. Now teachers can increase rigor, check for understanding, monitor progress, and provide feedback – all directly through the platform.
  • New Features for Better Playlist Management – It’s simpler than ever to build, sort, search, and share your playlists.
  • New Look and Feel for Student Playlists – Now they’re even easier for kids to use!

Educators, learn more here.

Featured Science Activities


Sheppard Software
Watch and learn about the world of the dinosaurs and how it changed over millions of years.

Food Webs

Watch a video and take a quiz to learn about relationships of plants and animals in an ecosystem.

Tsuanami Wave Propagation

JASON Project
How does the transfer of energy cause tsunamis to form?

Acid-Base Solutions

University of Colorado
Discover what happens when you change the chemical makeup of acid-base solutions.

Featured Certified Science Playlists

PowerMyLearning Connect playlists let educators select and sequence fun science activities, and then assign them to students based on individual needs. Customize your own playlist or choose a Certified Playlist created by our team of experienced K-12 educators.