An Update from PowerMyLearning Connect
January 20, 2016

Our Suite of Formative Assessment Features Just Got Sweeter

When we launched formative assessment functionality on PowerMyLearning Connect a few months ago, educators were overjoyed. Thanks to Playlist Tasks and Checkpoints, teachers could now add assessment questions directly into playlists in order to check for understanding and drive deeper learning.

Well educators, you’re in for more excitement! We just added some awesome new assessment capabilities. Now, you have new tools to measure mastery and powerful reports that can help you differentiate and personalize instruction. 

Robust Tools to Measure Mastery

Checkpoints – Now you can add open-response or multiple choice questions at any point in the playlist. (Math teachers can also include equations using our handy equation editor!) This means more ways to gauge student understanding. Try one at the beginning of a playlist to assess prior knowledge; try one at the end as an exit slip. Learn more in our Checkpoints guide.
Playlist Tasks – Add one overarching open-response question for students to answer while interacting with activities. You can ask students to synthesize and apply information from multiple sources and, where appropriate, attach screenshots to support their answers. Learn more in our Playlist Tasks guide.

Together, Checkpoints and Playlists Tasks help students:
  • Demonstrate understanding and apply content knowledge
  • Engage in higher-order thinking
  • Develop metacognition by reflecting on their learning
  • Practice skills needed for success 

Powerful Reports for Differentiation and Personalization

Now, our Assessment Reports feature a unique Mastery Threshold Slider that you can adjust for each assessment, depending on your judgment of the assessment’s difficulty. The color-coded charts and automated sorting make it simple to differentiate and personalize your instruction based on each student’s mastery level.
You'll see which students need to revisit fundamentals (red), which students require additional practice (yellow), and which students are ready for advanced work (green). Using our customizable playlists and powerful assignment engine, you can easily ensure that each student’s individual needs are addressed. Learn more in our Assessment Reports guide.
With this full set of assessment and reporting tools, PowerMyLearning Connect can take your instruction to the next level. Yes, it is a happy new year indeed!

Log into PowerMyLearning Connect to get started. And be sure to share any feedback. We'd love to hear from you. 

-The PowerMyLearning Connect Team
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