Engage Students and Families via Online Workshops

Our new online workshops for families are an effective solution to boost engagement, mitigate learning loss, and strengthen home-school partnerships.

Take the School Checkup

Got 4 minutes? Take the School Checkup to see how well you are supporting the trio of student-family-teacher relationships at your school or district.

Leverage the Power of Learning by Teaching

Family Playlists® are fun learning assignments delivered via cell phone in 100+ languages that have students “teach” their families a concept via a hands-on, interactive activity.

Unleash the Power of Teachers and Families

We help teachers team up with families to support student success. We call the trio of students, teachers, and families collaborating on shared learning goals the PowerMyLearning Triangle, which guides everything we do.

Transform Teaching and Learning

Our professional development empowers schools and districts to transform student learning — in the classroom, in the home, and beyond. Learn more about our remote workshops and coaching, which are grounded in the Framework for Teachers.


Learn how we partner with schools and districts to activate the exponential power that occurs when the trio of teachers, students, and families collaborate on the same learning goals. Strengthening this “triangle of learning relationships” increases equity by supporting the “whole child” and by empowering every child to succeed.  

Family Playlists

Give teachers the tools to activate the triangle of learning relationships for all of their students with these fun assignments that can be delivered via cell phone in 100+ languages. Students take on the “teacher” role at home, leveraging the “learning by teaching” effect, and engaging their families directly in the curriculum. Teachers glean valuable insights from students’ families and develop closer relationships.

Professional Development


Give teachers the skills to activate the triangle of learning relationships for all of their students. Our Framework for Teachers features instructional practices that are grounded in research around equity, family engagement, social-emotional learning, and culturally responsive teaching. Our complementary services can be delivered remotely and include workshops, consultative check-ins, and coaching.


Check out the growing body of evidence demonstrating that our triangle approach significantly impacts student achievement and social-emotional learning (SEL) skills.

Do you imagine a world where all students reach their full potential?