3 Steps to Launch Family Playlists 

December 5, 2018 | For Educators

Family Playlists put students in the teacher’s seat and enable them to drive rich, standards-aligned experiences at home with their families.

Getting started with Family Playlists is easy! Here is a checklist of three quick steps to set up your class.

1.  Reach out to your families.

Send home this Intro Flyer to inform families about the program and gather contact information. Family Playlists offer translation in 11 languages; we made the flyer available in these languages so you can reach all your families!

Family Playlists Intro Flyer

2.  Set up your classes.

Set up your class roster in minutes using our powerful, new Bulk Account Creation tool! Create student and family partner accounts one at a time or upload an Excel file with both student and family partner information. Once entered, all accounts will live in your School Directory to minimize data entry.

PowerMyLearning Connect: School Edition Class Rosters

 3.  Launch with students.

Now, you’re ready for take-off! Assign your first Family Playlist and use our launch lesson resources to kick off Family Playlists in class with your students.


Questions? Check out the PowerMyLearning Connect: School Edition Support Center, where you can find information on Family Playlists reports, resources for student conferences, and more!

Ready to get started with your first Family Playlist? Teach your students what a Family Playlist is and how they can complete it successfully using our Introduction to Family Playlists.