This blog shares ideas, research, and stories about PowerMyLearning students, teachers, and families. Learn about effective professional development for teachers, meaningful family engagement, personalized learning, and more.

PowerMyLearning Honors Councilman James Vacca

PowerMyLearning Honors Councilman James Vacca for his Contribution to Digital Inclusion & Literacy Initiativeat Family Learning Workshop Dec 16, 2017 | Press Releases Council Member James Vacca Supports PowerMyLearning through the Development and Expansion of the...

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7 Tips to Prevent Winter Break Brain Drain

With winter break just around the corner, it’s once again time for festive holidays, family celebrations, and a welcome vacation from the classroom. Here are 7 tips to avoid Winter Break Brain Drain and keep your students engaged and challenged outside of school.

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How to Build a Strong Classroom Environment

During his first year teaching in Atlanta, Mr. Donald Freeman adopted personalized learning practices by first adapting his classroom environment. Learn how PowerMyLearning’s coaching and programming support empowered him to work “smarter not harder.”

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