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08/18/2017: Getting SmartSmart List | 40 Ways to Learn Almost Anything

08/17/2017: PowerMyLearning to Drive Innovation and Personalized Learning at West Adams/Harvard Heights Middle School [Press Release]

08/17/2017: PowerMyLearning-Atlanta Celebrates 10-Year Impact at Inspire 2017 [Press Release]

08/11/2017: The Buffalo News, Another Voice: Closing the digital divide will help students

08/08/2017: ABC WKVW (Buffalo), New service offers cheap internet to low-income families, seniors

07/23/2017: CBS Local Focus Atlanta, PowerMyLearning Atlanta

07/14/2017: Getting SmartSmart List: 40 Ways to Learn Almost Anything

06/29/2017: Getting Smart7 Resources to Help Avoid Summer Brain Drain

06/20/2017: Education Week, Gates, Zuckerberg Teaming Up on Personalized Learning

05/30/2017: Education Talk Radio with Larry Jacobs, Powering and Personalizing Learning in High Need K-12

05/30/2017: NY1 In Focus with Cheryl Wills, The Challenges of Closing the Digital Divide

05/30/2017: NY1 In Focus with Cheryl Wills, Helping Senior Citizens Keep Pace with the Always Changing Digital Landscape

05/30/2017: ABC Channel 13 WHAM (Rochester), Low-cost, high-speed broadcast Internet launching in Rochester

04/26/2017: The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Grants Roundup: Gates and Chan-Zuckerberg Back $12 Million Personalized-Learning Venture

04/26/2017: Atlanta Daily World (Atlanta, GA), Google Fiber Powers Learning with Digital Inclusion Fellowship

04/18/2017: Getting Smart, Initiative Aims to Catalyze the Personalized Learning Field

04/17/2017: EdSurge, New Profit Dishes Out $1M to 7 Organizations in Personalized Learning Initiative

04/01/2017: TimesLedger (Queens, NY), Southeast Queens students supplied with computers

02/01/2017: The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Grants Roundup: Cornell’s College of Business Gets $150 Million

01/26/2017: T.H.E. Journal, Free, Online Personalized Learning Platform Raises $6.5 Million

01/24/2017: EdSurge, PowerMyLearning Receives $6.5M to Expand Personalized Learning in High-Poverty Schools

01/24/2017: PowerMyLearning Receives a Combined $6.5 Million in Grant Funding [Press Release]

01/21/2017: Altice Connects, PowerMyLearning Workshop at P.S. 279, Bronx

As of August 2015, CFY changed its name to PowerMyLearning and changed the name of its learning platform to PowerMyLearning Connect.

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