A People-Centered Approach to EdTech

PowerMyLearning strengthens the learning relationships between students, teachers, and families so every student succeeds. We partner with public schools and districts to help them personalize learning through professional development, family engagement, and our award-winning digital learning platform, PowerMyLearning Connect. Our proven approach is depicted by the PowerMyLearning Triangle. This approach helps us address our mission and bring our vision statement to life. It also informs our principles.

PowerMyLearning Triangle

Our proven approach strengthens the core learning relationships that exist among students, teachers and families so that students can master rigorous content and own their learning. Unlike many other personalized learning organizations, we leverage technology to strengthen these learning relationships, rather than use technology to play the role of teachers or family members. Learn more about the PowerMyLearning Triangle and the core learning relationships we care most about.

Mission and Vision

Why PowerMyLearning? We know teachers and families are required for student success and this concept is reflected in our mission and vision.

Our Principles

PowerMyLearning’s principles set us apart from other personalized learning organizations. We believe in student ownership, capacity building, strengthening relationships, and leveraging learning science and strong pedagogy.