PowerMyLearning Framework

PowerMyLearning has developed a robust framework to help school and district staff members transform their practices to light up the PowerMyLearning Triangle.

A Powerful Guide for Teachers

One example of this change in practices is the PowerMyLearning Framework for Teachers. This document guides teachers along a path to personalize learning for their students. The framework is field tested and based on the research evidence about best practices in teaching and learning. The document includes six domains of teacher practice, and teachers can start wherever they are ready to focus first:

Classroom Environment

Develop strong routines and procedures, and using classroom physical space effectively.

Data-Driven Instruction

Targeting instruction to directly address students’ learning needs.

Student Agency

Putting students in charge of their own learning.

Coherence and Rigor

Designing integrated learning experiences at varied levels of complexity.

Family Engagement

Actively involving families in supporting student learning.

Professional Growth

Growing teacher practice and participation in collaborative learning communities.

Download the PowerMyLearning Framework for Teachers: