Values & Principles

PowerMyLearning is a relationship-driven organization that believes in meeting the needs of every learner — including the adults that support student learning like leaders in districts and schools, parents, teachers, and more!

PowerMyLearning’s principles set us apart from other personalized learning organizations in four ways:


1) Student Ownership: We make students more active in the learning process so they can identify which strategies work for them and which do not – as opposed to making them passive learners where technology always guides them down the “best” path.

2) Capacity Building: We foster growth in teachers as instructional leaders and in parents as effective learning partners – instead of attempting to work around them.

3) Strengthening Relationships: We increase the quality of face-to-face time for students with teachers, parents, and peers – instead of having students spend the vast majority of their time learning alone on a device.

4) Learning Science: We are dedicated to understanding how students learn best and then sharing that knowledge with students, teachers, and parents – as opposed to only using that knowledge to improve a proprietary algorithm.

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