Breaking Down Language Barriers

Breaking Down Language Barriers

August 15, 2019 | For Educators

At PowerMyLearning, we are committed to strengthening the triangle of learning relationships between students, teachers, and families. We hear regularly from teachers that language barriers are a real challenge for successful student-family-teacher relationships—and we know that more than 20% of school-age children speak a language other than English at home.

We are thrilled to announce PowerMyLearning Connect is now available in 100+ languages. This feature will allow teachers to connect with students who are English Language Learners (ELLs) and with non-English speaking families.

Translation in over 100 languages

Experts say the best way to communicate with parents of ELLs is to use the parent’s preferred language. Research also shows that when ELL parents get to learn alongside their children, it increases student achievement and attendance. But teachers are limited in time and resources to do this effectively—and especially in a way that is linked to student achievement.

That’s why we’re taking PowerMyLearning Connect to the next level with Family Playlists (also available in 100+ languages).

Family Playlists are mobile-friendly, multilingual homework assignments where students teach their family what they are learning in school.

We all know the adage that “you don’t really know something until you can teach it.” Turns out, this strategy is especially powerful for ELLs.  According to meta-analyses, when ELL students teach their family using their first language, it increases academic success. Plus, ELL parents benefit too because they get to learn alongside their children.

Here’s how Family Playlists work. When a teacher assigns a Family Playlist, the student’s parent (or family partner) receives a text with a link to the assignment in their language of choice. Then, the student and parent complete a fun activity at home where the student plays the role of the teacher. After completing the activity, the parent sends photos and feedback to the teacher on how well their child understood the concept. Then, the teacher responds to the parent’s feedback and uses the data to better meet the student’s needs.

With embedded translation, Family Playlists strengthen teacher-family relationships by opening a meaningful dialogue about learning that previously wasn’t possible. But that’s not all! Family Playlists also have proven impact around student achievement. According to a recent analysis, students using Family Playlists made statistically significant gains in math proficiency equivalent to four additional months of learning.


6 Conversation Prompts for Families to Make Homework Time Easier

6 Conversation Prompts for Families to Make Homework Time Easier

August 12, 2019 | For Educators

Engaging families in learning can be challenging. Check out these easy prompts you can send home with your students to involve their parents with homework!

Click here or the image below to access the PDF, which you can print out or send home digitally. Click here to access the flyer in Spanish


Conversation Prompts for Families

Interested in learning more about our family engagement resources? Get in touch!


3 Ways to Share Family Playlists Data

3 Ways to Share Your Family Playlists Data

June 5, 2019 | For Educators

Now, you can showcase your incredible Family Playlist results with our new enhanced reports! Sharing data has never been so easy.

Highly customizable reports make it easy for you to select and share from the year. Here are three ways you can use them.

1.  Share with Your School Leaders

Elevate your success stories with your principal or AP by selecting your best examples of parent feedback and student responses. Follow these simple steps to create a highlight reel in as little as five minutes!


2.  Impress Your Team

Now that you’re a family engagement expert, share the love with your team! Send your best images and parent responses in a report and let the visuals do the talking.

 3.  Boast the Best from the Year

With new-and-improved printing options for Family Playlist reports, it’s easy to highlight all the greatest smiles, explorations, and learning from the year for all who pass by. Pin highlights to your bulletin board or add to your portfolio.


Ready to get started? Check out this Support Center article for three ways to share, export, or print Family Playlist Reports.


The best experience I had is one my teachers came into my office because she was super excited about one of the comments a parent had sent to her through a Family Playlist. It was exciting to see that teacher’s response and reaction to the parent communication and the connection that was able to come to life around learning as a result of Family Playlists.
Monique Booth

Principal, Salem Church Elementary

5X Match Opportunity to Bring Family Playlists to Your School

5X Match Opportunity to Bring Family Playlists to Your School

April 19, 2019 | For Educators

It’s back! We’re excited to re-introduce our Family Engagement Innovators Program supported by a 5X MATCH on Start your project today to receive personalized PD, upgrade your PowerMyLearning Connect account, and secure year-long access to Family Playlists!

The Family Engagement Innovators Program is designed for teachers in grades 3-8. Here’s what the program includes:

  • Personalized PD sessions
    • Learn best practices and receive implementation support from family engagement experts.
  • Family Playlists access
    •  Engage your students’ families in learning with standards-aligned, mobile-friendly homework assignments.
  • PowerMyLearning Connect: School Edition subscription
    • Upgrade your Basic Edition account for you AND four teachers at your school. Discover advanced rostering, assignment, and reporting tools.
  • Official Certificate of Completion
    • Promote your family engagement expertise with a shareable digital certificate.

CLICK HERE to start your project today. The program is available for a limited time, so you don’t want to miss out! We look forward to bringing this unique family engagement program to your students.

Questions? Contact Bill Rappel, Director of Strategic Partnerships, at


3 Steps to Launch Family Playlists

3 Steps to Launch Family Playlists 

December 5, 2018 | For Educators

Family Playlists put students in the teacher’s seat and enable them to drive rich, standards-aligned experiences at home with their families.

Ready to get started? See this checklist for three quick steps to launch Family Playlists your class.

1.  Reach out to your families and collect their contact information.

Send home this Intro Flyer to inform families about the program and gather their contact information. Family Playlists offer automatic translation to make two-way communication between teachers and families easier.

Family Playlists Intro Flyer

2.  Set up your classes.

Set up your class roster, including your students’ linked family partners, in minutes using our powerful Bulk Account Creation tool! Create student and family partner accounts one at a time or upload an Excel file with both student and family partner information. Once entered, all accounts will live in your School Directory to minimize data entry.

PowerMyLearning Connect: School Edition Class Rosters

 3.  Launch with students.

Now, you’re ready for take-off! Assign your first Family Playlist and use our launch lesson resources to kick off Family Playlists in class with your students.


Questions? Check out the PowerMyLearning Connect: School Edition Support Center, where you can find information on Family Playlists reports, resources for student conferences, and more!

Ready to get started with your first Family Playlist? Teach your students what a Family Playlist is and how they can complete it successfully using our Introduction to Family Playlists.


What’s New on PowerMyLearning Connect?

What’s New on PowerMyLearning Connect?

October 1, 2018 | For Educators

We’re excited to bring you new content, available on PowerMyLearning Connect!

New Standards-Aligned Math Playlists

The PowerMyLearning Connect Playlist library now has 160 new certified math playlists! The new CCSS-aligned playlists for grades 3-8 break down standards into smaller digestible learning objectives that students can easily understand.

Each playlist includes:

  1. Clear learning goals that are meaningful for students akin to “I can…” statements
  2. A vetted selection of high-quality learning videos, practice activities, and interactives
  3. Additional student-facing activity instructions for clarity and coherence
  4. Auto-scored self-check assessments that allow students to check their understanding and receive immediate feedback

Ready to start exploring? Simply log in to PowerMyLearning Connect, and select MathGrades 3-8Playlists.

Tech-Enhanced Assessment Items

Create more opportunities to help your students monitor their progress and reach their learning goals! “Test” out our new wave of assessment items, including technology-enhanced items (TEIs). TEIs prompt students to think critically to construct an answer versus merely selecting a response.

Now, when using PowerMyLearning Connect playlists you can:

  • Create interactive drag and drop questions that require students to sort or categorize information.
  • Power up assessment questions by including multiple choice and correct answer options
  • Preview how students see questions and what they will see after responding

Need Help? Visit the PowerMyLearning Connect Support Center, and check out step-by-step resources on topics like how to Modify or Create Questions.