All Points North Foundation Partnership Supports Distance Learning

All Points North Foundation Partnership Supports Distance Learning

June 16, 2020 | Regional Spotlight
By Katie Roth, Executive Director, Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area, PowerMyLearning

An exciting opportunity for us to build the capacity of STEM teacher leaders and parents at the Bay Area’s All Points North STEM Innovation School – Alpha: Jose Hernandez Middle School proved incredibly fortuitous when COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. Thanks to a grant from All Points North Foundation prior to the pandemic, our partner school had tools and resources to allow it to implement distance learning successfully, ensuring students stayed on track with their studies during the 2019-2020 school year – the most difficult one in our lifetime.

When schools were forced to close, PowerMyLearning’s Blended Learning Manager Kendra Frank mobilized quickly, helping teachers expedite a transition to online learning. Teachers participated in weekly remote coaching sessions through Zoom, and received a weekly email listing resources to help them support students’ learning from home. Kendra also helped Alpha: Jose Hernandez Middle School conduct its first-ever virtual science fair for 7th and 8th grade students, a successful event that brought the school community together during a difficult time.

We are grateful to All Points North Foundation for its generous support of our entry into distance learning. To learn more about All Points North Foundation click here.

All Points North Foundation

Greater Atlanta | The Power of One

Greater Atlanta | The Power of One

October 28, 2019 |  Regional Spotlight | By Richard Hicks, Executive Director

Since 2007, PowerMyLearning in Greater Atlanta has partnered with more than 27 schools and served more than 21,000 students, families, and teachers.

We are very fortunate to get to interact with the folks we serve daily, in a variety of ways. This week, I was reminded of the “power of one”—the power of one story to tell the story of many—when I received this powerful testimonial from C. Grey Mbeledogu, a parent from one of our partner schools.

So my family and I have been in this district my whole life. I know there are worse school districts but I remember having textbooks that were ancient and hand-me-downs from other schools. I remember that 10 years ago, those were my first textbooks and they were second best. High school wasn’t much better. I had a class where I didn’t even get my textbook until the end of the semester. PowerMyLearning is basically everything I’ve always hoped for when I was younger and this whole initiative makes me so happy.

Back then, people who demanded equal opportunity and resources were told: “Who will foot the bill? You’re not being reasonable.”

Now, PowerMyLearning is placing the power in students’ hands: “Our students come first. Because they’re the ones investing their time. We’re merely providing the resources they need to be successful.” And I love that. I want to see this program expand.

Now, there’s no excuse. Things are digital and students don’t have to have the outdated books that really press on their conscience and make them think they’re second best. Now as a student, you just have to worry about personally furthering yourself and encouraging yourself and your friends to learn. And that’s powerful.


Grey Mbeledogu

San Francisco Bay Area | All Points North Foundation Partnership

PowerMyLearning Partners with All Points North Foundation

July 17, 2019 | Regional Spotlight
By Katie Roth, Executive Director, Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area, PowerMyLearning

PowerMyLearning is thrilled to announce our partnership with All Points North Foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area! This partnership brings an exciting opportunity to work with All Points North STEM Innovation School – Alpha: Jose Hernandez Middle School in San Jose. The goal of this project is to build the capacity of STEM teacher leaders and parents who can mobilize and engage their peers. As part of this partnership, we are excited to pilot an innovative family engagement program called Family Playlists®, which leverages our platform, PowerMyLearning Connect. This allows STEM teachers to work with students and family partners in a new interactive homework experience.

“APNF is proud to continue support of our partnership with PowerMyLearning, “ said Laura Staich, Executive Director, All Points North Foundation.  “Their innovative tools and professional development services in a “whole school model” help connect students, teachers and families on the path to academic and life success.”

To support and to learn more about PowerMyLearning’s work with families, students, and teachers in California click here. There is much more work to be done to support education in the Bay Area and we appreciate your partnership!

All Points North Foundation


Greater Los Angeles | Full STEAM Ahead

Greater Los Angeles | Full STEAM Ahead

May 02, 2019 | Regional Spotlight

Maria Morrisson, Blended Learning Manager, supports teachers with integrating new instructional approaches in the classroom. We asked Maria to tell us about one thing she is really proud of and here’s what she shared:

“New Heights Charter School entrusted me with furthering the school-wide culture of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). I started an initiative to help third graders learn coding, robotics, and engineering.

With our latest project, students are constructing playable games out of everyday materials like cardboard, yarn, and duct tape. They will get to show off their creations at the school’s annual Learning Museum which is open to parents, teachers, and community members.”

To learn more about PowerMyLearning’s work with students, teachers, and families in Los Angeles, click here. There is much work to be done to support education in Los Angeles and we appreciate your partnership!


Greater Los Angeles | Partnership with All Points North Foundation

PowerMyLearning Partners with All Points North Foundation

September 20, 2018 | Regional Spotlight
By Katie Roth, Executive Director, Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area, PowerMyLearning

PowerMyLearning is thrilled to announce our second year of partnership with All Points North Foundation (APNF)! We are continuing a comprehensive program at the Camino Nuevo Jane B. Eisner Campus in the Harvard Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. This program provides tailored support around personalized and digital learning for both teachers and families. Building upon a successful first year of work with the school, the project will directly impact students, teachers, and families through coaching, a variety of workshops, and donations of technology and digital learning tools. We are grateful to APNF for allowing us to partner with this amazing school for another year!

“APNF is excited to continue our partnership with PowerMyLearning as we also envision a world where every middle school student is engaged with learning, in addition to the teachers and families who are guiding them on the path to success,” said Laura Staich, Executive Director, APNF. “National research shows that habits and patterns formed and solidified in middle school help pave the way for students to achieve and advance in high school.”


New York City | #AskMeAboutMyLaptop

New York City | #AskMeAboutMyLaptop

August 30, 2018Regional Spotlight
By Liz John, Executive Director, PowerMyLearning New York City


PowerMyLearning is lucky to have local supporters who are invested in our mission and our work across New York City. One such group has taken a creative approach to fundraising. Five friends are running the Bay Ridge Half Marathon on October 6th and raising money for PowerMyLearning along the way.

Not only are they busy training for a half marathon, but they have also developed a fundraising campaign that highlights our work and spreads awareness of our organization. Maybe you have seen them running throughout the streets of New York City in matching shirts, carrying laptops and chatting with strangers about our programs.

Meet this awesome team and support their campaign!

1. How did you get involved with PowerMyLearning?

Being fairly new to New York City (we all came here after graduating college, and have only been here two years), several of us had volunteered with various organizations but felt that the hours we put in did not always make a tangible impact. In a city like New York, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount that needs to be done and how incapable you are to make a dent.

PowerMyLearning was a breath of fresh air in the sense that they didn’t just give you volunteer and donation opportunities; they went a step further to measure the impact their work has on students. Their tangible results were extremely encouraging! We had all planned on running a half marathon and felt that using the event as a way to help our community would be awesome. It got even better when we stumbled across PowerMyLearning. We attended a Family Learning Workshop to make sure that the organization was everything we thought it would be and were blown away by the team, their impact, and the real joy on the faces of the students at the workshop.

2. At PowerMyLearning, we believe that students are most successful when they are supported by their families and teachers. One way we strengthen this “triangle” of student-family-teacher relationships is through Family Learning Workshops. Can you tell us a little bit more about your experience at the workshop and what resonated with you about PowerMyLearning’s mission?

We arrived at the school at 8:45 AM (15 minutes before the workshop started) and many of the families were already there, excitedly waiting! As all of the PowerMyLearning team was busily setting up, I remember feeling worried that I wasn’t going to be much of a help. However, the second the workshop kicked off we had our hands full from start to finish.

It was a wonderful experience to just be present supporting students and families—many of whom were not tremendously familiar with how to set up their new laptops but were infinitely excited nonetheless. We got to know several of the families over that time frame, and it was amazing to see students’ faces light up when they finally got to play some of the games on PowerMyLearning Connect, PowerMyLearning’s online platform. It was a really special experience and we are looking forward to doing it again!

3. What were your biggest takeaways from volunteering with us?

When we attended the workshop we were blown away by how involved everyone was, both kids and parents. I was thoroughly encouraged by how excited the parents were and their genuine desire for their kids to learn and better themselves. While the laptop donation was for the kids, you could clearly tell that this was something that would benefit the whole family.

I was also surprised by how much I take my own technology literacy for granted. Having grown up with computers, it was a juxtaposition to work with many families who had never owned a home computer. It really drove home for me how important and impactful the work that PowerMyLearning is doing for these families as a whole, and not just the young students. 

4. Can you tell us about the #AskMeAboutMyLaptop team members?

For sure! Here are our brief bios that we posted on Instagram, many of them take a lighthearted approach to the half marathon we are about to run (none of us have ever done this before!).

– James: An excitable yet inconsistent runner, James created the #AskMeAboutMyLaptop campaign while lying in bed reflecting on the Family Learning Workshop he attended. He is quick to crack a joke, smile, or share a story, but when it comes to getting the job done, he takes things seriously. He currently lives in Hoboken, NJ and his favorite food is bacon.

– Kirsten: Kirsten is a Philadelphia-suburb transplant. She may have traded her trail-running around log cabins in Valley Forge for the concrete streets of the East Village and Hoboken, but she’s still a PA girl at heart. She takes her cheesesteak “prov wit” (but thinks the unsung hero of Philly cuisine is the Italian roast pork sandwich). She runs for two reasons: 1. To meet all the bulldogs in NYC and 2. To eat her way through the NYC bakery scene, guilt-free.

– Grant: Introducing Grant, a slow but steady runner. His friends call him the best pick-up basketball player in alphabet city. Originally from Pittsburgh, but he loves New York and the people from it. Grant is excited to run his first half marathon and help raise money for PowerMyLearning. If you see him around be sure to ask him about his laptop!
– Jenna: Meet Jenna one of our team members. Though she doesn’t like to admit it, she’s originally from Long Island. She enjoys yoga and running and can usually be found in her East Village apartment munching on chocolate, cashews, and avocado. If you see her around, be sure to ask her about her laptop!
– Ben: Ben is the fastest member of the PowerMyLearning crew! He enjoys cooking, basketball, being right, and winning. Ben has the body of a runner and the athleticism of a bad runner, but loves raising money for a cause! If you see him around, make sure to ask him about his laptop!

5. How can people support your team?

From day one, we wanted to make our mission easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to support. By training for our half marathon while carrying laptops and wearing shirts touting “Ask me about my laptop,” we invited New York-ers to step into our mission with a simple question. While many people were initially skeptical of stopping the crazy people running with laptops, curiosity often won out and two or three people would ask us about our laptop each time we went out to train.

Our approach not only gave us an opportunity to spread PowerMyLearning’s mission in a genuine and memorable way, but also to connect with people. We invited folks to follow us on Instagram (@AskMeAboutMyLaptop) and support our cause on the Crowdrise page. Even if they didn’t support our cause right then and there, a thought was planted in their mind and hopefully they bring that full circle to help their community, whether through PowerMyLearning or another channel.