CFY Awarded Over $650,000 in In-Kind Software Donations from Microsoft

July 9, 2014

CFY has been awarded over $650,000 in in-kind software donations from Microsoft ( to support powerful enhancements to the PowerMyLearning platform.

The software donation promises to boost in-office productivity and reinforce our network structure, which will strengthen the PowerMyLearning platform. With the upgraded Microsoft Windows operating system, we will increase staff productivity in all of our offices, allowing for easier cross-regional and multi-team collaboration. The new Microsoft Server licenses will allow us to maintain a strong, stable, and secure server environment, capable of responding to the increased demand from a larger number of students, parents, and educators using the platform. Finally, the new Microsoft development tools will assist our team with their development work, helping us create enterprise level applications and tools to improve the user experience on PowerMyLearning. With all of these enhancements in place, an even greater number of users across the country will be able to access and benefit from our award-winning digital learning platform.

Microsoft has been a long-time Strategic Partner of CFY and we truly appreciate their continued support of our efforts to impact student achievement throughout the country.