Family Playlists

Research shows that family engagement is crucial to student achievement, and what matters the most is how families are supporting their children’s learning at home.

PowerMyLearning’s Family Playlists™ are a groundbreaking innovation for grades 3-8 that leverage mobile technology to enable teachers to partner with families and better support student learning. Educators use Family Playlists to communicate with families across language barriers and with greater frequency, while receiving live data on student mastery and family participation. Family Playlists are built on a strong evidence base from Johns Hopkins University, as well as a growing body of research highlighting the power of text messaging to engage families in high-need communities.

How It Works

Completed by students and family members together during out-of-school time, Family Playlists prompt students to take on the role of “teacher” at home and share what they are learning in school with a family member. The mobile-friendly playlists offer automatic translation and guide family members through an easy-to-follow, collaborative learning activity. After completing the activity, family members provide meaningful feedback to students’ teachers, allowing for rich family-teacher communication around learning.

With Family Playlists, all families are given the opportunity to become involved, not only the few who know how to discuss math, science or other subjects.

Interested in learning more?

Family Playlists are exclusively available on PowerMyLearning Connect: School Edition, a new subscription-based version of our platform with powerful features to drive family engagement and professional development.

Want to get your school or district involved? Check out our affordable pricing model and fill out this brief form to get in touch today! PowerMyLearning also offers coaching and professional development services.


Family Playlists Case Study

Last school year, PowerMyLearning piloted Family Playlists at South Bronx Preparatory, a district middle school located in a high-poverty neighborhood in New York City. Click below to download the case study about the pilot and see the incredible results.

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