Elisabeth Stock Profiled by NationSwell

March 23, 2016

NationSwell - LogoOn March 23, 2016, NationSwell featured a profile of PowerMyLearning CEO and Co-Founder Elisabeth Stock. Written by Chris Peak, staff writer for NationSwell, the piece is part of the on-going Council Profiles series which highlights current members of the NationSwell Council, a group which is described by the site as “…a community of leaders who share a passion for service and engaging around solutions to national challenges.”

An excerpt from the profile follows.

Meet The Educator Who Accurately Predicted Technology's Potential to
Transform Student-Driven Learning

By Chris Peak

“Elisabeth Stock founded PowerMyLearning, a national nonprofit that leverages technology to transform teaching and learning in low-income communities, in 1999 — a time when the cloud was still in the sky, the search engine Google was only a year old and most still logged on via a dialup connection. Even then, Stock saw software’s potential to boost students’ learning, but she didn’t want to replace classroom teachers with lessons on a screen; instead, she wanted the technology to strengthen the learning relationships among students, teachers and families.”

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