Reinforce Grade Level Content by Engaging Families in the Learning Process

Family Playlists are fun learning assignments that empower students to “learn by teaching.” They invite families to participate in deeper, more meaningful learning conversations.

For Teachers

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For School Administrators

Improve outcomes for teachers, families and students across schools.

Why Choose Family Playlists?

Family playlist 4 months

Improve Student Outcomes and Teach Grade Level Content

A recent study found that Family Playlists had a statistically significant impact on students’ math test scores, equivalent to four months of additional learning.

Take a Culturally Responsive Approach

Family Explorations help students deepen their learning by actively applying academic concepts in a low-stress, real-world setting, with a trusted family partner. Student and family submissions give you a window into the whole child within a family context.

Culturally responsive approach family playlists
Extend learning beyond school family playlists

Extend Learning Beyond School

Family Playlists strengthen the triangle of learning relationships between students, families, and teachers. Families get a window into what students are learning in school, empowering them to play the role of learning partner in students’ lives. They can also kickstart meaningful conversation between you and families about students’ learning.