Case Studies

Across the country, we are helping teachers and families create engaging learning experiences that lead to student success. Read the real success stories.

Family Playlists Case Study

A Breakthrough Innovation in Family Engagement

Last school year, PowerMyLearning piloted Family Playlists with sixth-grade teachers at a district middle school located in a high-poverty neighborhood in New York City. The results were unprecedented. Click below to download your free copy of our Case Study on Family Playlists.

Meet Mr. Freeman

Du Bois Integrity Academy, Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Freeman began working with PowerMyLearning during his first year as a fourth-grade teacher. Find out how he was able to adopt personalized learning by first adapting his classroom.

Meet Ms. Arenas

South Bronx Preparatory, Bronx, NY

Ms. Arenas, a veteran sixth-grade math teacher, transformed her practice with support from PowerMyLearning. She nearly tripled the percentage of students achieving math proficiency as a result.


Meet Ms. Feeney

P.S. 279, Bronx, NY

Ms. Feeney needed supports to meet the learning needs of her second-grade students. Find out how she used data-driven instruction to personalize learning and strengthen student-teacher relationships.