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PowerMyLearning Connect is a free platform to personalize instruction and inspire student-driven learning. Designed for K-12 students, educators, and parents, it offers a flexible way to implement blended learning.

Meet student needs by designing and assigning personalized playlists of digital content. Select from thousands of games, videos, tools, and simulations that are curated by educators; tagged by subject, grade, and more; and aligned to the Common Core standards through a multi-step process. Mix in your own self-created content or other digital tools you use.

Include customizable formative assessments using our Playlist Tasks and Checkpoints as a way to gauge student understanding and encourage deeper learning.

PowerMyLearning Connect provides everything you need to boost student success, all in one trusted place.

Personalizing Instruction Is Simple with PowerMyLearning Connect Playlists
Create a Playlist

Create a Playlist

Mix and match digital content into personalized learning sequences based on student needs. Use one of our pre-created Certified Playlists tied to the Common Core or build your own.

  • Add Learning Activities
    Choose from thousands of Certified Activities – games, videos, tools, and more vetted by educators. Embed your own digital content that’s self-created or from an existing curriculum.
  • Include Customizable Formative Assessments
    Add open-response or multiple choice questions using Playlist Tasks and Checkpoints. Increase playlist rigor, check for understanding, and help students prepare for rich end-of-year assessments.
Assign Your Playlists

Assign Your Playlists

Assign playlists to individual students, groups of students, or an entire class. Students can access playlists anywhere – in school, after school, or at home.

Monitor Learning

Monitor Learning

Pull reports that track activities used and assessments submitted. Use the color-coded charts to differentiate instruction based on mastery. Review responses and send feedback through the platform.

Flexible Formative Assessments that Drive Deeper Learning

PowerMyLearning Connect offers several types of formative assessments, including customizable open-response and multiple choice assessments that can be added to your own playlists or pre-built multiple choice assessments combined with activities in a playlist.

Customizable Assessments


Add open-response or multiple choice questions at any point in the playlist sequence. Try one at the beginning to assess prior knowledge; try one at the end as an exit slip.

Playlist Tasks

Playlist Tasks

Add one overarching open-response question for students to answer while interacting with playlist activities. Require students to synthesize and apply information from multiple sources and attach supporting screenshots.

Use Checkpoints and Playlist Tasks to Help Students:
  • Demonstrate understanding and apply content knowledge
  • Engage in higher-order thinking
  • Develop metacognition by reflecting on their learning
  • Practice skills needed for success on PARCC & Smarter Balanced assessments
Pre-built Assessments


Missions are pre-built playlists containing digital learning activities, short multiple choice assessments, and metacognitive questions. They are designed to build or check mastery of middle school Common Core math standards. During a Mission, students are guided through a fun learning adventure featuring Wizmos, the motivational characters from Wizmo World.

Use Missions:
  • As introductory instruction
  • As a formative assessment to test mastery
  • As review before a summative assessment
  • To test student metacognition—the questions that measure a student’s ability to self-assess provide insight into confidence and accuracy on a given subject

Learn more about Missions here.

By combining learning activities and formative assessments in playlists, teachers can challenge students at all levels by asking them to demonstrate learning in different contexts.


Let the learning begin! It’s FREE!

What You Can Do with PowerMyLearning Connect
Facilitate Integration of the Common Core

All of the Math and English Language Arts activities on PowerMyLearning are tightly aligned to the Common Core allowing you to easily design individualized or classroom learning plans.

Support All Types of Learners

PowerMyLearning Connect offers a broad range of activity types, plus the flexibility to upload your own content and add assessments to playlists. This enables teachers to meet the diverse learning needs of students, including ELL and special ed students.

Promote Student Ownership

Encourage active participation in the learning process. Studies show that when kids finish schoolwork on PowerMyLearning Connect, they stay on the site to explore new topics. Our reports let you monitor activities used, both teacher- and self-directed.

Build Blended Learning Environments

PowerMyLearning Connect is a flexible way to incorporate blended learning models into instruction. It can be used as a supplemental or core resource in a wide range of digital learning initiatives.

Gamify Learning to Engage Students

Student motivation features, like Wizmo World and Class Leaderboards, spur healthy competition and keep skills sharp when school is out. The platform gives kids an extra incentive to keep learning year-round.

Increase Parental Involvement

Parents can create an account linked to their child’s in order to stay on top of playlist assignments and assessment feedback. Through the platform, they can also set learning goals for children tied to real rewards and track progress together.

new2What’s New

Introducing Personal Libraries

You can now save and reuse your own activities and assessment checkpoints in your own personal library on PowerMyLearning Connect. This new organizational feature even comes pre-stocked with your previously-created content! Click here to learn more.

More Stellar STEM Content

Our expert content team has added hundreds of NGSS, math, and other STEM activities, checkpoints, and playlists to our Certified Content Library. Students will be unstoppable with all of this knowledge. Learn more here.


“What caught my attention was simply how excited and effusive everyone was, including the students, about PowerMyLearning [Connect].”

- David Bornstein The New York Times

“PowerMyLearning has been a huge help to me in personalizing my instruction…I am seeing a huge impact in student achievement.”

- Middle School Teacher New York City