Who isn’t excited about technology? With the activities in the PowerMyLearning Connect Technology section, kids can learn about topics like Coding and Game Design, Digital Citizenship, Typing, Accessibility, and more. The Coding and Game Design activities in particular let kids build computer programming skills and create their own video games. Hey, one day their game may be featured on PowerMyLearning Connect!

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Introducing Personal Libraries

You can now save and reuse your own activities and assessment checkpoints in your own personal library on PowerMyLearning Connect. This new organizational feature even comes pre-stocked with your previously-created content! Click here to learn more.

More Stellar STEM Content

Our expert content team has added hundreds of NGSS, math, and other STEM activities, checkpoints, and playlists to our Certified Content Library. Students will be unstoppable with all of this knowledge. Learn more here.

Featured Technology Activities

Dance Mat Typing

Move through the four levels and you’ll soon be touch typing like an expert!

Make your own interactive stories with games, music, and art. You can save them or share them online.

Growing an Online Reputation

Carnegie Mellon University
Learn how to build an online reputation that you can be proud of in this interactive activity

Erase All Kittens

Drum Roll
Learn how to program and code as you work to rescue the kittens.