PowerMyLearning Launches Next-Gen Formative Assessment Capabilities to Drive Deeper Learning

Free K-12 learning platform enables educators to increase the rigor of how students use educational activities from across the web

New York, February 24, 2015 – Education nonprofit CFY announced the launch of next-generation formative assessment capabilities on PowerMyLearning, its free K-12 digital learning platform, to further support personalized instruction and encourage student ownership of learning.

With users from more than 35,000 schools nationwide, PowerMyLearning is already a top destination for creating and assigning customized playlists comprised of both user-generated content and Common Core-aligned activities curated by CFY. By adding assessment capabilities – called Playlist Tasks and Checkpoints – educators can now increase playlist rigor, gauge student understanding, and provide feedback through the platform.

Educators can use Playlist Tasks to ask students to synthesize information from multiple sources and include screenshots from activities to demonstrate learning. These tasks include overarching open-response questions that students answer while interacting with activities. Educators can use Checkpoints to ask students open-response questions at any point in the playlist sequence.

“Since we have started using PowerMyLearning, we have seen significant gains in student achievement,” said Alan Baer, Assistant Principal of MS/HS 221 – South Bronx Preparatory, a district school in New York City. “There is a lot of excitement at our school about the formative assessment functionality now on PowerMyLearning and how it can help further drive the deep learning necessary for academic success.”

The idea for the new assessment features came from teachers in schools CFY has partnered with, like MS/HS 221. “By having CFY staff embedded in schools across the nation, we can listen carefully to the needs of teachers,” said Elisabeth Stock, CEO and Co-Founder of CFY. “Increasing the rigor of the student experience with online content was an explicit need teachers expressed and one we have now addressed with our new assessment features on PowerMyLearning.”

About CFY and PowerMyLearning

CFY is a national nonprofit that helps students, teachers, and parents use digital learning to improve educational outcomes. Our work supports personalized instruction and student-driven learning so that students can meet the challenge of high academic standards and develop full ownership of their learning. Our free K-12 learning platform, PowerMyLearning, provides innovative tools and high-quality digital activities to help schools integrate blended learning. We also engage in deep partnerships with schools to support effective learning practices both inside and outside the classroom. CFY has demonstrated significant impact on student achievement, student engagement, and parental confidence.

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