PowerMyLearning’s Neil Spears Featured in KUCR Radio’s “Education Today”

November 29, 2016

PowerMyLearning’s California Executive Director Neil Spears spoke with KUCR Radio Host Dan Angelo about the challenges facing education and PowerMyLearning’s work to address those challenges with programming for students, educators, and families. In the interview that aired today on KUCR Radio’s Education Today, Neil also discussed the potential that digital learning holds to enhance the learning interactions between students and those that matter most to their success: their teachers and parents.

An excerpt from the interview follows.

“For the first time in most of our lifetimes, more than half of U.S. public students live in poverty. Those students are coming to school with additional needs and additional challenges that they face. Teachers are also having to learn how to help students with those additional challenges be successful. We have to help all students be successful…”

Listen to the full interview here:

Audio used with permission of KUCR and Quartermoon Radio.