Toolkit: Practical Strategies to Support Mindfulness and Prevent Burnout

We’re at a major inflection point in education. Job satisfaction is at an all-time low, with almost four out of 10 principals expecting to leave the profession in the next three years, and superintendent resignations and early retirements on the rise. Teaching is already a high burnout profession, further exacerbated by the pandemic and all of the stressors that come with it.

What can you do to support your K-12 community when you yourself face endless challenges?

Explore PowerMyLearning’s toolkit to access a collection of resources and strategies that you can use right now including:

  • K-12 Leadership Guide: “8 Practical Strategies to Support Yourselves and Your Teachers”
  • On-demand workshop on how to prevent burnout featuring Executive Coach Analiza Quiroz Wolf and PowerMyLearning’s Jill Nyhus and Lauren Burner-Lawrence
  • Tips and resources for educators and students to support mindfulness

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