Discover the Power of Learning by Teaching

Family Playlists® are fun learning assignments that can be delivered via cell phone in 100+ languages. Students teach what they are learning to a family partner at home—a strategy that strengthens students’ understanding and social-emotional learning (SEL) skills.


Engage All Your Students and Families

Family Playlists integrate seamlessly into teachers’ existing curricula, and are available for Grades 3-8 in Math and Science, with exemplar playlists in K-2 Math and K-8 ELA.

Improve Student Outcomes

recent study found Family Playlists had a statistically significant impact on students’ New York State math test scores equivalent to four months of additional learning.

Create Equitable Learning Experiences

Family Playlists use families’ phones (no sign in required), so families can fully participate without having a laptop or computer at home. They can be delivered in over 100 languages, ensuring seamless two-way communication between families and teachers.

Deepen Student Learning

Family Playlists leverage the learning by teaching strategy—which research shows strengthens comprehension and recall. Also, English Language Learners (ELLs) can use their first language when teaching their family partner, a best practice for improving learning.

Family Playlists

Connect Teachers and Families

With Family Playlists, teachers gain valuable feedback from the people who know the child best—their families. Coupled with assessment data, teachers learn more about their students as whole children and open a meaningful dialogue with families around learning.

Case Study on Family Playlists

Download our Case Study to find out how teachers in New York City leveraged research-based practices to effectively engage families in student learning.


Strengthen Learning Relationships

At PowerMyLearning, we believe that students are most successful when supported by a triangle of strong learning relationships between students, teachers, and families. Hear from our partners using Family Playlists.

“This school year, the most valuable experience was the implementation of Family Playlists, which united myself, my kids, and their families by a magic bridge. For the first time, learning truly extended from school to my students’ homes.”

–Ms. Arenas
Sixth Grade Math Teacher

“[Family Playlists] support me as a learner because when I explain the activity to my mom, I get a better understanding.”

Sixth Grade Student in Ms. Arenas’ Class

“Hello Ms. Arenas, I really like Family Playlists. I feel there should be more activities like this for homework. I think these activities are very helpful to see what my son is learning and to see if he understands what he’s learning.”

Jaylen’s Mother

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Our teachers love Family Playlists. They shift the homework dynamic from compliance to engagement. Students learn the material better, and our teachers can gain a deeper understanding of each student as a whole child so they can personalize their interactions and improve student outcomes.
Dr. Ellen Flanagan

Principal, South Bronx Preparatory