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For over 15 years, PowerMyLearning has been committed to using digital learning to improve student outcomes. We offer a range of programs and services designed to help schools integrate digital resources, meaningfully engage families, and develop sustainable blended learning practices that advance personalized instruction and drive student ownership of learning.

Our programs and services deepen the learning relationships among students, teachers, and families, with the goal of propelling student learning both in the classroom and beyond.

All programs and services are delivered by former educators and experienced program staff. In consultation with school staff, our staff tailors the scope of work to ensure that it has the greatest impact on your school community.

What We Offer
Professional Development

PowerMyLearning helps educators deepen their instructional practices through dynamic workshops, individualized consulting, and Professional Learning Communities. In collaboration with school leadership, we support educators in creating engaging blended learning environments, personalizing instruction to meet the needs of all students, driving self-directed learning, building stronger connections between home and school, and propelling ongoing professional growth. We have developed our programs based on leading research on effective teacher practice, as articulated by our Blended Instruction Framework for Personalized Learning.  Check out the Blended Instruction Framework for Personalized Learning Overview! You can also download the full Blended Instruction Framework for Personalized Learning free of charge under a Creative Commons license.

Family Engagement

PowerMyLearning partners with schools to engage parents and other adult family members in their children’s education and to extend learning beyond the classroom walls. Our Family Engagement services include family workshops and learning events, as well as support for school staff in engaging with families throughout the year. We customize our programs based on each school’s needs, with the objective of building the capacity of both schools and families to support student learning. Our programs are based on key research findings in the field of family engagement and follow the Dual Capacity-Building Framework of the U.S. Department of Education.

“Our partnership with PowerMyLearning has enlightened the thinking of our teachers and has transformed the lives of our children. No longer is 21st century learning a far-off dream, out of reach to the students.”

- Alan Baer, Assistant Principal MS/HS 221- South Bronx Prepatory