Programs & Services:
Greater Atlanta Region

The Greater Atlanta Region is home to a leading branch of the national non-profit organization, PowerMyLearning. Our goal is to help teachers, students, and parents in high-poverty school communities harness the power of digital learning to improve student achievement towards college and career readiness. Our programs address student learning in all environments, including both the classroom and the home. Operating in the most disadvantaged communities throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, PowerMyLearning has served over 7,300 students, along with their families and teachers, in 16 schools. Learn more about PowerMyLearning in the Greater Atlanta Region.

We help schools leverage technology and digital learning to promote STEM literacy and educational equity. Our comprehensive educator support and family engagement services transform traditional classrooms into 21st century learning environments that embrace student-centered learning, enable personalized instruction and student-driven learning, while also increasing home technology access and parental involvement in their children’s learning.


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Professional Development

Our professional development services are designed to help educators deepen instructional practices through intensive, individualized consulting, dynamic workshops, and sessions focused on building capacity through collaboration.

Instructional Consulting

Instructional Consulting

  • 1:1 Instructional Consulting
  • Small Group Instructional Consulting
Educator Workshops

Educator Workshops

  • Launching Blended Environments
  • Blended Personalized Instruction
  • Strengthening Family Engagement
  • Enhancing Your Classroom with PowerMyLearning® ConnectTM
Educator Collaborative Learning Sessions

Educator Collaborative Learning Sessions

PowerMyLearning Connect Platform Support

PowerMyLearning Connect Platform Support

Family Engagement

Through our direct work with families, including workshops and family events, we help schools engage parents in their children’s education and extend learning beyond the classroom walls.

Family Workshops or Customized Events

Family Workshops or Customized Events

  • Supporting Student Learning at Home
  • The Internet as a Learning Tool
  • Supporting Common Core Readiness at Home
  • Planning for the Future
Family Workshops with Home Learning Centers and Help Desk Support

Family Workshops with Home Learning Centers and Help Desk Support

Powering STEM and 21st Century Skills

All of our programs can be tailored to meet your school’s needs through:

  • Support in launching project-based learning initiatives
  • Job-embedded training on STEM instructional practice
  • STEM-focused family trainings
  • After-school courses to introduce students and families to STEM subjects and 21st century skills
School Partnerships

In the greater Atlanta area, PowerMyLearning offers a series of comprehensive and targeted programs designed to meet schools’ unique needs. Programs can be focused on increasing family involvement, supporting educators with personalized learning, and addressing the challenges of STEM integration.

We select partner schools based on a shared commitment to helping all students, parents, and teachers leverage the power of digital learning to improve educational outcomes. PowerMyLearning partner schools must be public schools, either traditional or charter, that serve a significant portion of students who receive free or reduced lunch. Schools must also have a demonstrated interest in integrating blended learning in order to personalize instruction, support STEM skills, extend learning beyond the classroom, and engage families in the learning process.

Interested in Becoming a Partner School?

“Thanks to PowerMyLearning, I’ve been able to further differentiate my instruction this year far more than what I’ve been able to provide my students in years past. With the support of my PowerMyLearning consultant, I was able to differentiate my instruction by using real time data from assessments to dynamically structure my student groups.”

- Educator PowerMyLearning Partner School