Engage Students and Families During Distance and Hybrid Learning and Prevent Learning Loss!

Are you looking for new ways to help your teachers and families support students during this challenging time? Our interactive online workshops are an effective solution to boost engagement, prevent learning loss, and improve student outcomes during distance and hybrid learning.

For Your Teachers

FREE Interactive Workshop for Teachers: Strategies to Boost Student and Family Engagement During Distance and Hybrid Learning

Join PowerMyLearning coaches for this free, highly interactive session where your teachers will experience and model best practices for both online and offline learning to take their distance lessons to the next level.

Teachers will explore strategies to engage students (and their families!) using tools your school already has. Whether your teachers are just getting started or looking to invigorate their remote teaching skills, this session will make distance learning easier (and more fun!).

Teachers will:

  • Learn how to establish remote learning norms and routines
  • Identify best practices for engaging students, including gamification and synchronous vs. asynchronous learning activities
  • Explore strategies for engaging families in student learning, including communication tactics and leveraging “learning by teaching”
  • Explore tools and resources

We also offer customized 1:1 coaching sessions or coaching for small groups of teachers. For more information or to get started, contact Jim McHarg at (800) 899-3579 or jmcharg@PowerMyLearning.org.

For Your Families

Customized Workshops for Families to Support Learning at Home

Led by our experienced family trainers, we offer online workshops directly to your families to support home learning during the time of distance learning. These customized workshops are mobile-friendly and delivered directly to your families in English and Spanish.

Our workshops reinforce your curriculum and cover the topics and tools most relevant for your school.  We can provide training for families and students together and/or directly to families.

Families and students will learn how to:

  • Navigate and use your school’s LMS
  • Manage anxiety at home and set up home learning routines
  • Leverage research-based strategies like “learning by teaching”
  • Practice self-care and support children’s social-emotional learning skills
  • Leverage best-practices around screen time

All families receive a toolkit of FREE resources to support online and offline learning after the workshop. Click HERE for more information or to get started, contact Jim McHarg at (800) 899-3579 or jmcharg@PowerMyLearning.org.

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