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PowerMyLearning Connect is a collaborative schoolwide platform that propels student achievement by enabling K-12 educators to discover, adapt, and share quality content, engage families as learning partners, and accelerate their own professional growth.


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Our team of educators curates the best content from renowned publishers, and assembles high-quality playlists for students, families, and educators–so you can spend more time delivering engaging learning experiences.


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I used PowerMyLearning Connect to re-teach students the material in different ways, and then I used my one-on-one time with students to check for deep understanding. This was a big change in terms of my one-on-one interventions with students; the amount of time I spent on re-teaching the material decreased while the quality of the time spent checking for understanding increased and enabled me to build stronger relationships with my students.

Elsbeth Grant

Former Teacher, The Young Women's Leadership School in the Bronx